Monday, May 11, 2009

4 days left...

I said I was going to update more and then I stopped again. Spring semester is ending and it seems to have snuck up on me. I am working on packing and studying for finals all at once. Hopefully that goes well I think I am making progress on both fronts. I am not quite ready to leave Manhattan yet am also excited to go back and see friends back home. Next year a lot of my friends won't be back because several are studying abroad. Sad for me, but exciting for them. I'll miss seeing them though and it means I won't see some good friends for a year! Friends back home are going away for adventures this summer as well so that's kind of sad that I'll miss out on seeing them for a bit too. Can't be every where at once though. Overall I think this was a good year and a good semester. I had some set backs, but I made due and that's all you can really do.

Not sure if I will end up working two jobs this summer or not. It depends on how my schedule works out. I suppose it won't kill me to have some time off to have some fun this summer though either. Also I thought about possibly taking a yoga class over the summer in the mornings if I don't get a second job. I realize that is spending money, but it's a good form of fitness and I enjoy yoga. I enjoy the exercise part rather than the "Breathe! Think of your third eye! Find inner peace!" I know the spirituality is a big part of it for a lot of people, but it doesn't particularly interest me. To each his own.

4 finals and 4 days of classes left. Fly out in 5 days, I hope I get everything packed before then!