Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hanging on the Telephone

Today I dropped my phone in water....while I am attempting to drying it out, I am pretty sure it is gone from this world. The timing was not great (when is losing your phone ever convenient?), but luckily my two year contract just ended so it was time for me to get a new phone. I caved purchased an iphone. What is the most important decision an iPhone purchaser needs to make? What case do I get! Here are the top contenders:


Help me choose! If you have any suggestions of ones I would like, let me know! 


Something New and Something Blue

Alexander Wang's Resort collection is out....words can not describe my excitement! Pops of color and print this time around...I can't get over the leopard print and the blue.

If you aren't obsessed with my selection check out the entire collection. Trust me, you will fall in love: Alexander Wang Resort Collection 2012

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Bold lip + eyeliner = what I love most in make up

Friday, November 11, 2011

Heels and Height

I got hooked on watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project a few weeks ago. It is really easy to watch an entire season in a few weeks because there are only about 8 episodes per season. Now I have seen the show before and I tend to go back and forth on liking Rachel Zoe (her assistants on the other hand I fall in love with immediately. Jeremiah, Taylor, Brad, Mandana....). What I will say about her is that she does have a very distinct aesthetic, which I like. When someone has a certain style that I can associate with them I tend to really appreciate signature styles whether I with agree with it or not.
  Rachel Zoe's signature has blossomed into her own brand that encompasses a wide variety of looks that are distinctively her. Watching the show I came to appreciate that no matter (8 months pregnant or not) she wore her "tranny heeled" boots.

It might just be a direct result of having a Rachel Zoe Project marathon, but now I am thinking I want some Rachel Zoe-esque boots:
Audrey Platform Booties - I love the embossed leather

Brigitte Suede Over the Knee Boot - The extreme height of over the knee and the platform is great

Leopard Print & Stripes Are Essential

Finally I have achieved adding a few of my much desired items to my closet.

1) Leopard Print Mohair shoes - booties to exact!

If you read my blog at all you know this has been an obsession for quite some time now. I am going through a phase where I am in love with heels and wedges, especially those that are fall inspired (aka boots). I am 5' 7" so I am lean towards the taller end of women, but nothing gives you more of a power trip than being even taller if you ask me. Can't talk down to me if I am towering over you, now can you?

2) Striped 3/4 Sleeve Shirt - (from Madwell, and basically everything they have is on my "must own" list)

I opted for the blue and white, though it came in a very attractive mustard and white stripe too. I wanted all three color options honestly, but this will do for now.

Want, Need, Love

Recently I saw the movie Like Crazy. Naturally, I was in love with it before I even saw the movie based on the soft lighting and the fantastic movie poster.
Apart from enjoying the movie I want, need, love the clothes in the film...well, like crazy. A series of great sweaters, soft and laid back knits, a line skirts, and floral prints made up the wardrobe for the movie's lead heroine. If you don't love the movie you will love the wardrobe.

Everyone's Favorite

As a self proclaimed lover of white t-shirts (and sometimes, I am a sucker for shirts with sayings): This t-shirt struck a cord with me:
My Favorite Tee