Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cue the Chloe

I have been meaning to post this since I first received my copy of Harper's Bazaar's April Issue. The issue featured a photo shoot of one of my favorite style muses" Chloe Sevigny. Wanted to share the fantastic spread.

The interview that accompanied the article was also very interesting as Chloe talked candidly about her appearance and her caution to the wind take on fashion and sense of style. Its worth a read, so go pick up the this months Issue of Harper's Bazaar. It was a great issue all around with some phenomenal shoots. Just try to ignore the fact that if you buy it on the newsstand Kim Kardashian is the cover girl. If you subscribe you have a much better cover, I would recommend it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pinned Me

Many of you might already be well aware of Pinterest, but I have just recently discovered this wonderful site and it is my newest obsession. The idea is very similar to Tumblr, but I love the lay out. You can set up your own pinboard of your interests, but you must become a member first. While you do have to "request an invitation" first, all that is required is you send your email an in a day or so you are granted access. A clever way of creating an "exclusive" aspect to the site basically.

Above is a little preview of the Pinterest page. If you aren't heading to their site right now, you should be.

Items most likely to be featured on my Pinboard: Kirsten Dunst, aqua colored house hold items or decor, white t-shirts, blonde fashion muses, and of course the pretty and the ugly.