Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pinned Me

Many of you might already be well aware of Pinterest, but I have just recently discovered this wonderful site and it is my newest obsession. The idea is very similar to Tumblr, but I love the lay out. You can set up your own pinboard of your interests, but you must become a member first. While you do have to "request an invitation" first, all that is required is you send your email an in a day or so you are granted access. A clever way of creating an "exclusive" aspect to the site basically.

Above is a little preview of the Pinterest page. If you aren't heading to their site right now, you should be.

Items most likely to be featured on my Pinboard: Kirsten Dunst, aqua colored house hold items or decor, white t-shirts, blonde fashion muses, and of course the pretty and the ugly.

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