Friday, November 11, 2011

Heels and Height

I got hooked on watching re-runs of the Rachel Zoe Project a few weeks ago. It is really easy to watch an entire season in a few weeks because there are only about 8 episodes per season. Now I have seen the show before and I tend to go back and forth on liking Rachel Zoe (her assistants on the other hand I fall in love with immediately. Jeremiah, Taylor, Brad, Mandana....). What I will say about her is that she does have a very distinct aesthetic, which I like. When someone has a certain style that I can associate with them I tend to really appreciate signature styles whether I with agree with it or not.
  Rachel Zoe's signature has blossomed into her own brand that encompasses a wide variety of looks that are distinctively her. Watching the show I came to appreciate that no matter (8 months pregnant or not) she wore her "tranny heeled" boots.

It might just be a direct result of having a Rachel Zoe Project marathon, but now I am thinking I want some Rachel Zoe-esque boots:
Audrey Platform Booties - I love the embossed leather

Brigitte Suede Over the Knee Boot - The extreme height of over the knee and the platform is great

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