Friday, February 26, 2010

Style Infuence for the Day

For once I choose a brunette!  Given I have only done two style influences so far, but both were blondes. In fact I was having a moment where I was starting to think I wanted to dye my hair back to blonde. I was even looking at dyes, but then I realized I do love having red hair and wasn't ready for any major changes like that just yet.
Daisy Lowe is my style influence for the day and this is not the first time I have acknowledged loving her looks in my blog. She is outrageous with her styles, but she has a point of view and that's what I like best. If you can't tell yet I like an element of "hot mess" to personal style. Hence why I named the blog "pretty ugly things". Anyone can do pretty its adding the ugly to the pretty and making ugly pretty that makes a look special to me. Here's to Daisy Lowe:

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