Sunday, April 25, 2010

Let It Play

Random collection of photos ranging from Coachella music festival to Brooklyn museum brawl. Love the looks. All those hats! I want to get a little cute straw hat now.

Current Obsession: I am currently having great affection for any 70's inspired looks. I want a scarf and a large white peasant blouse please. We all know I already have the cut off denim shorts.

*Especially love the picture of Diane Von Furstenburg cutting into a large piece of meat. Enjoy!


miya said...

ahhh you must get a tumblr for all these photos!!! although having a blog is just as good. That photo of DVF and the meat is hysterical.

Riley said...

I could never not comment on a picture though and I lack the ability to be brief. I always write a run on sentence explaining why I like a picture (and is usually non-informative). Case and point this response.

I greatly enjoy your tumblr though.I stalk it on the regular