Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mixed Tapes

Being back in Seattle has been a very different experience than I originally thought it would be. It has been nice to be back home and see friends and close the distance between those that are stationed in the west coast while I am miles away on the east coast for most of the year. However, this summer it has become more clear to me how much people have changed or I have changed. Not to say its bad, I just feel change has happened for everyone as people move on, get stuck, grow up, and in some cases refuse to grow up. 

This feeling might come from the fact that for the first time I have a high level of uncertainty about more than one aspect of my life. I am most certainly one of those people that likes to plan out my next move and I have been planning out the next step to take for so many years that it feels strange to not be able to know what will come next to an extent. Sure, I can prepare and try and plan as best I can, but there is still a level of unknown that is both exciting and unsettling all at once. It seems silly to say this almost because I am sure many people feel this way or have felt this way and every time I speak up about it the phrase "it will all work out" in one form or another comes up. Things do work themselves out, but the end result is not a guaranteed happy ending or the one you expected. Spontaneity has never been my strong suit, but for the next few months I think I might have to be a little more prepared to just let things happen as they do without hoping to control certain circumstances. 

And just because....
thinking about it...

want this sweat shirt

days of red hair and bangs tribute. come out with a new album

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