Sunday, February 28, 2010

Style Infuence for the Day

Chloe Sevigny defines "pretty and ugly things" in so many ways for me. She is on the best dressed list as often as she is on the worst dressed list. I love that she dresses quirky and really defines walking the line between something that is hip and stylish or ugly. I have a great affection for the pretty and the ugly. Taking risks and having a point of view is what having personal style is all about and Sevigny embodies that to me.

Lightening Strikes

Bottega Veneta Fall Ready To Wear Show is amazing. Its edgy, had leather, and I have a soft spot for anyone that makes a really well tailored women's suit; especially one that looks so cool. I also loved the emphasis on black, but enjoyed the strong pops of color as well. You can never have too much black or leather in a show for me.

*Side note I love that so many of the shows this fall have a lot of ninteies style references. Bring back the nineties style; I can't wait.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Give Me A Bow

This was one of my favorite looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring Ready to Wear collection. Today I saw it at my work and it looked amazing on the form too. Just love it all around and I wish they were selling the bow from the show to go with it.
*Side note: I am noticing that I am becoming more obsessed with red and blue...

Yes Please

Warm weather please get here. I am now over the blizzards in NYC and am ready for shorts and sun shin. Spring/Summer Wish List:

Style Infuence for the Day

First and foremost I am jealous of her ability to wear extremely large sunglasses. Nicole Richie is my style influence for the day. She's an obvious one for many fashion fans, but there is no denying she's got great personal style all her own.