Monday, May 17, 2010

Living in a Dream World

 I recently got a new apartment and while I am broke and have no real means in which to decorate it has got my "nesting" instinct all up in a flurry. Which really just means I want to make repeated trips to Ikea and also that I seem to love furniture more and more. Here are a few things furnishing/decorating ideas I love (most of them come in some shade of blue or light teal). Maybe one day it will be possible...Thus follows the fantasy decorating wish list:

Head board in Don and Betty Draper's bed on Mad Men
(surprise, surprise its teal)

Jane Fonda's character had a blue phone in Barefoot in the Park. Been obsessed ever since.

Urban Outfitters sells a series of frames in different sizes and I loved the idea but refused to pay them for the concept and went out and bought different sized frames to decorate. I didn't pull it off as well, but I'll get there. If I had money to spare I would buy Urban's set.

I don't own any records, but I would if I had a record player. It just seems so cool. Short dress and teased out hair, along with knee high boots would follow right? 

I want a bright red couch. I just love the color and couch it should be.

Urban Outfitters: I need a miniature statue of a squish faced dog.

Urban Outfitters: Wall Art. Obsessed with their wall art and the series of black and whites they did. This one in particular.

Multi colored dishes in all shapes and sizes! Oh looky there, there are some in light teal too.

Chair to sit and read and...I don't know I just want a comfy chair that is cute and has a great pattern and color scheme like this one. It's perfect. 

I found a post card with this picture on it a few days ago and just loved it. I love the look of the raw bacon and the heart shaped eggs are funny. I love breakfast and yeah I would want some quality breakfasts in my perfect home.


Charlie said...

Ah, I am feeling the same way! And I thought your frames looked great--don't let faux-DIY take of your actually doing it yourself!

Riley said...

True true....I just want my do it yourself things to look better. I am thinking heavily about whether I want to make painting attempts. Probably in some shade of light teal haha

miya said...

SOOO CUTE! I can see it now! eyes on the prize and the fantasy will come true! you are definitely in a 60's mode it seems!

Andie said...

ohh love. heart shaped eggs!