Saturday, May 29, 2010

Month of May

Updates in a Flash:
  • School is done for the semester and I am back in Seattle for the summer
  • I am blonde (new or old info? Its been a while since I updated)
  • Yes, its been a while since I updated! Sorry
  • Need more updates? Ask me.
New Favorite Thing:
Daisy Lowe's feature on The feature is called "What I Wore Today" and she is the featured person for the month of May, showing and describing her style choices for each day. Obsessed already.

Check it out:

What will I do when its June?


miya said...

that feature is soooo cool!! love daisy lowe and her nakedness! also, thank god we are done with school.

Riley said...

The Looks of the Day is my new obsession. It is slightly funny that so often daisy lowe is naked rather than clothed, but still I love it