Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Recently saw the movie Crazy/Beautiful due to a suggestion from a friend that we watch it sometime and I had recently been going through old magazines I had collected and stumbled upon an old Kirtsen Dunst photo shoot and it got me obsessing over her style again. I know I have mentioned Kirsten Dunst before as one of my style icons, so forgive me for repeating myself.

In the movie Crazy/Beautiful she plays a high school senior girl who is the "bad" girl with the rich parents who is deeply misunderstood. She meets and falls in love with a Mexican boy who lives out side of Pasadena, California and commutes 2 hours to go to a privileged school there. Kirsten Dunst's character there meets the boy (played by Jay Hernandez) and they start a romance that is troubled by Dunst's character's desire to cause chaos against Hernandez's character's desire to better his life and improve his economic situation.

It sounds like a crappy romantic teen flick I know. To be honest I would have been perfectly satisfied with it even if it was, but it was much better than I expected. Dunst's character stumbling around drunk in a cut up t-shirt and her underwear in the drive way screaming at her father in one scene pretty much sealed the deal for me on loving this movie.

The wardrobe alone is enough to make me adore it really. Dunst's character's hair is too long to be short and too short to be long and is generally a mess. Most times it doesn't look washed at all, which I just loved for some reason. My favorite wardrobe piece though was the endless supply of cut up T-shirts that bared the showed her mid drift and or were cut on the sides and tied together. Dunst's character apparently did not own a bra either it appeared. The grungy and dirty style was fantastic. Here are a few pictures of the crazy and  beautiful:

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