Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay, I know that after this next post it may seem I am ready to rename this blog "Kirsten Dunst fan page". I was even trying to resist posting this post because I felt I have gone into a bit of an obsessive spiral with finding old articles and photo shoots of her. I think she has officially become my favorite style icon of the moment. Its amazing how I used to not really care for Kirsten Dunst at all and now I just adore her.

I was hunting through a stack of old magazines and stumbled upon this old W from September 2005 with Dunst on the cover. Couldn't help but share the photo shoot  (below) and this amazing quote from director Michel Gondry about Dunst:

"When I first met her, I didn't know how much I liked her, but her beauty grows slowly on you, and you get hooked."

I share Gondry's feelings exactly...she really does grow on you.


Miya said...

OMG! that camel fur coat is INCREDIBLE!!!!! It looks just like that Michael Kors collection I kept bitching about to Brett, but Kiki makes AMAZING!!! So damn glad you posted this! we gotta find the fuckyeahkirstendunst tumblr. hahah.

Charlie Tatum said...

I love your continual wavering between "OMGKIRSTENDUNST" and "SORRYFORPOSTINGSOMUCHKIKI" almost as much I love her myself; damn, why is she so great?

Riley said...

Right!? It took me too long to realize that she is so great!! Damn she needs to make another movie soon. I am back on forth on "Ah must post more and "Oh shit does anyone want to read ANOTHER post about her." Hahaha.

Charlie, you own virgin suicides right? I want to see it!