Thursday, July 15, 2010

White Shirt and a Tank Top

When it comes to personal style, I have always been a fan of basics. If given the option I would probably wear a white tank top, denim cut off shorts, and a black blazer every day if I could. Maybe I would change out the white tank for a striped boxy cut shirt, but essentially I like pretty basic looks that focus more on simple style elements that over the top trendy fashion pieces. I prefer rumpled to perfection because personal style comes from not trying too hard to make a look your own. Anyone who masters the "I just woke up in this" look has a great sense of personal style in my book. Many may criticize a love of basics as boring but black, white, and denim are a killer combination to me and I will always be a fan of the wardrobe staples.

Spring 2010 T Line Ad Campaign

For those of you that agree with my love of basics, you probably also adore designer Alexander Wang. Even if you do tend to lean towards more styled looks, no fashion fan would disagree that Alexander Wang is an amazing designer who brought street chic to a new level. Wang who built his reputation on young, hip, urban looks and dominates the "sex-ed up street wear" look. Last year he launched a more affordable line called T. which featured slouchy street looks. I immediately adored it from the ads to the concept (yes, if I could afford it I might just buy a $95 white tank top. To me it would be worth it.) Given I am just a poor college student at the moment I am merely an admirer of Alexander Wang's designs and am very excited to hear the new T. line this season will also feature blazers and “sex-ed” up low slung pants. These additions to the T line add sophistication, but keep the fun rock star edge to Wang’s more classic pieces. Wang’s T line shows us the designer knows how to keep us on the edge of style and wanting more.

T Line Fall 2010

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miya said...

alex wang <33333 one day we will be able to afford it!