Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Team Taylor - Style Influence of the Day

Last night I watched the premiere of the Rachel Zoe Project's new season on television. I have not followed the show to a great extent, but I have seen a few episodes here and there and I have to say Taylor Jacobson (Zoe's style associate) was my favorite part of the show.

Taylor's trademark platinum hair color, ray bans (was she ever not wearing those sunglasses?), and her dry sense of humor (bad attitude..maybe but Zoe deserved it for being so crazy and having the worst management skills ever) made her the best part of the show. Controversy arose after Taylor "quit" as Zoe's employee and then it later was announced that she was fired. Zoe's camp claims it was because Taylor stole samples and money from the company but I am going to have to say I don't believe that. If you watched the show all Taylor ever talked about or complained about was that she wanted to be more involved and be a greater part of the company. I don't think she would have stole from it.

Her style sense and sarcasm got my vote for Taylor  from the beginning though, so here is a little tribute to her:


miya said...

hahah I see the resemblance!!! I have a feeling the Zoe camp just wanted to give a legit reason for firing someone who was critical of them.

Riley said...

I agree. Also Taylor actually stood up to Zoe for their poor management style.