Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blog Love

After a very long absence from blogging...I have returned and am now settled in back in New York City. Upon returning to the city, I feel like I have a sudden pulse for wanting more clothes and craving fashion even more than usual. Fashion Week is fast approaching and I couldn't be more excited to see all the collections. Anticipation has sent me into a craze looking to get my hands on anything fashion related. Here are two of my favorite fashion blogs that I have become obsessed with:

The Electric
Great visuals, updates from looks on the street to every fashion spread or ad campaign imaginable. Obsessed.  Little sample of their great archive:

Bleach Black

Read about it in this month's Nylon magazine. Besides the cute fashion notes I love the name, who doesn't love bleach and black. I know I do and the blogger is another platinum blonde, and I just adore her crazy style and commentary. Featured items from the blog:

The Fashion Folio

Very fun blog from a young blogger who updates about her life as well as fashion. Its a great set up and a fun read...the accessory obsession posts are among my favorites. Some features from her blog:


Afrodite said...

Omg that's so sweet :o ! You should have said something about you making a post about my blog!

Omg I'm flattered :$ thanks so much ;)!

xxxo Afrodite

Riley said...

Glad you appreciate it! I really love reading your blog. Keep it up, you make awesome posts and obviously I adore your style :)