Monday, September 20, 2010

I can't steal you, no, like you stole me...

Working, interning, school....there are not enough hours in the day to keep up with it all and sleep. Forget finding time to blog. I couldn't let Fashion Week come though and not say a word! New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but now is the time to reflect on some of my favorites and new loves of my life. Many of the designers I am normally obsessed with made the list of favorites. There were some shows that really surprised me though.

Feel the love. Enjoy the fashion.

Jason Wu - Didn't expect to love this, but there is a special place in my heart for clothes that look amazing and looks so wearable too. All those shorts and blazers had me falling in love with the collection at the beginning. Also could not get enough of those turbans. Need.

Alexander Wang - Yes, other colors were present besides white but what I loved about this collection was the extreme all white outfits how many there were. Who doesn't love a good white out moment? For lovers of the perfect "white shirt" this collection is for you. I will forever hunt for more white shirt. Absence of color is everything.

Band of Outsiders- Obsession with this brand is supported by almost every blog post I make so I don't think it is a surprise to anyone that they made my favorites list. White is the color for Spring, I can't wait! I love that there were some sweet dresses thrown in this time as well. Loved overall, but I always do. 


Helmut Lang- I held back on buying a white blazer, but now I think that I should add that to my list of items to have. White has to be in the wardrobe more clearly. Always like Helmut Lang and the clean looks. They introduced bags this season, so there was also a new element to the utilitarian look.


Marc by Marc Jacobs - Almost too easy to get me with the stripes. Stripes are involved and I am almost positive I will fall in love with it. Have met very few stripes I don't like. Marc by Marc is always fun and this year did not disappoint. Absolute favorite is the grey dress with red stripes. I am in love with that whole look and will dream about that dress. Maybe throw in some short shorts to my want list as well.

Michael Kors - Normally I would not say that Michael Kors has collections that I love. I would say I respected them and I do admire his very clear style point of view. His pieces were never something I wanted, but this year I was really surprised. Easy and chic would be two words to describe this collection. It was fun and just looked so easy to wear, which I feel Kors is known for but this year it really called out to me. Hands down best piece in the collection is the yellow dress. Its sunshine walking. 

Proenza Schouler - Unofficial name of this collection should be: "Clothes for the coolest girl you know." Effortless and cool. Looking forward to event appearances where I am sure many of these pieces will be featured. Chloe Sevigny, I am sure I can count on you to represent this fantastic line. Loved the whole concept and styling of the show from the bright colors to the accessories (those necklaces could have a show all their own).

 Wish I could mention every favorite, but these were my top picks. Fashion Week is like a dream come true. I will try to keep up with the international shows as much to look forward to still.

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miya said...

ahh I loved your commentary! The white out look is quite refreshing and will go fab with your blonde hair too! jason wu ftw!