Friday, September 16, 2011

They Are Called Classic for a Reason

Rag and Bone. I think I become more obsessed with them every day. It is at the point where I am basically doing free publicity for them 24/7. A friend actually asked me if I worked for their PR department because my facebook status was more often then not a about Rag and Bone or reposts of people spotted wearing Rag and Bone. Sadly no, I do not work for them....just obsessed.

Fall has come around now and it has led me on the search for the perfect boot. Not necessarily one I can afford (why would that be important? haha) and I would like to announce I have found it:
The Newbury Classic by Rag and Bone. The perfect heel height for some height but also not impossible to walk in.  The perfect rounded toe with a slight point (this is key for me. Toe shape makes or breaks a show for me).  Love the ankle cut. I don't even need to mention that it seems like every celebrity has a pair of these, because they are that fantastic. They come in suede and other colors than black too.

If you have a spare $495 go out and get them now. They aren't called The Classic Newbury for no reason. Their classic, so you will love them forever and never regret spending the money, right?! I am still trying to calculate how I can achieve having these....Rag and Bone, stop being so great.

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