Friday, September 16, 2011

Leopard Print is for Ladies

Its been a long time since I have posted (bad me). Forgive me though, because I have not been avoiding fashion all together. It was fashion week here in NYC and I have been spending an obscene amount of time stalking all the shows pictures.  That is supposed to make me feel better about being so negligent about posting,

Stumbled upon this this fantastic bag the other day though and have been obsessed ever since. Which sparked the idea that it was time to post again.
The Edie Bag from J Crew. I love how classic it looks! The bag comes in red, black, and camel, but there is in particular that I am more obsessed with;

I just love the leopard print one! The leopard print flap on the bag is calf hair. I don't know why but I am just obsessed with leopard print calf hair (or pony hair, see previous post about leopard print flats). Its divine and I love the simplicity of the bag. Of course the leopard print one is  more expensive than the other Edie options....the one I like is always the most expensive I swear.
Normally I do not love beige or tan, but I for some reason love the lining on this bag. The compartment set up inside seems really nice too. The border line old lady feel to this bag has me most attracted to it I am pretty sure.

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