Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall = Knits!

Fall is in the air here in NYC. You know what fall means to me? Knits! I can't wait to get my hands on some new sweaters. Those with large cable knit patterns on the front are on the top of my list. I went to check out what Urban Outfitters had for their fall sweater selection this year and as per usual, I was not disappointed.
 Drape Cardigan: Love the draped front and I am pretty crazy about the print. The vintage 70's feel of it really makes it.
 Ecote Mohair Sweater: The neutral color of this sweater just seems like I would want to wear it every day. The basic element of the cut and the texture of the knit makes me really love this one.
Leopard Sweater: Urban had a similar style to this with a crew neck last fall. I am pretty sure I posted about it then....haha. Never got it though and I am pretty drawn to this one as well.
 Cable Fisherman Cardigan: Large cable knit details are my obsession at the moment. I also love the oatmeal color of this sweater. Naming the color oatmeal almost sold me on the sweater alone.The brown leather buttons have an old fashioned appeal to them completing this old man sweater look that makes me feel like I would live in this sweater.
Cable Stitch Tunic: Large cable knit down front. Need I say more?
 Cropped Pullover: Everyone needs a great cropped sweater. This one is pretty basic which I really love and the cerulean blue color is amazing!
Open Stitch Cable Poncho Sweater: Crochet effect with the large holes on this sweater makes it unique and it would make it a great layering piece. I am just loving texture a lot lately.
 Elbow Patch Pullover: Elbow patches say "old man sweater" to me which for me is a plus. Classic feel.
Speckled Sweater: Liking the different knit patterns on this sweater and the mustard color is one of my favorite fall colors. It just says fall to me.
Pullover Sweater: Stripes again. I mean yeah, I probably don't have enough stripe sweaters. Probably.....


Lina said...

been looking for that pullover cropped sweater!

Lina said...

speaking of sweaters, i just got the urban outfitters sweater email this afternoon!$12myb/doc.html