Tuesday, October 18, 2011

She's A Lady

I have a soft spot for Miu Miu. I love their feminine looks, even though usually that is not something I am particularly drawn too. They consistently turn out strong collections and I love the prints they use every time. As you might know already, I also enjoy their ads and spokesperson selection quite a bit. While I am fantasy shopping here are some Miu Miu goods I would enjoy.
 This dress is so lady like I just adore it. Sophisticated, but still feels young and retro.
 I am not one for glitter usually or pink. However, I have seen these shoes in numerious editorials and I can not stop staring at them. Gorgeous to the extreme. Even with out the flash I am obsessed with the curved heel.
 Okay, who really needs this iPhone case like this? I kind of just love how decadent it is and the great pop colors it comes in. Why not?
 Chic and timeless. Love the light color. The bag has an element of utility and gracefulness.
Basic pumps but I love the pop of color and the sude that looks heavenly. 
 This dress is just plain cute and looks like you could wear it every day.
Miu Miu has some of the best prints every season. Love the simple silhouette and the sweet print.


Louise said...

Agree. I'm crazy for those sparkly shoes. Everytime I walk past the Miu Miu store in Sydney I want to die a bit.

Riley said...

They are so amazing! I recently saw them in white and the black version and I fell in love all over again.

Miya said...

those Miu Miu shoes are haunting me! everyone is posting about them and they were in all the fall magazines!! I think they could possibly the most perfect shoe!