Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Free People does not normally capture my attention. Often I love their catalog because the shots are beautiful, but overall a lot of the styles are a little too "hippie" for me. I am however in love with this polka dot blouse:

I have been looking for a great polka dot piece (they are everywhere!) and this might be the one to make it to my closet.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Style Influence of the Day: Virgin Suicides

You could watch a Sofia Coppola movie on mute and still think the film is stunning. Coppola's movies are visually stunning and she clearly has a great respect for stylization, which I love.

Here is a tribute to my style influence of the day one of Sofia Coppola's most beloved films Virgin Suicides. The film has been a fashion inspiration for many and continues to be influential even though it has been more than a decade since the film was released. Makes me want to wear floral prints and check out the latest Rodarte line.
Did I mention that it is one of Kirsten Dunst's films? Hahaha, Kiki's style influence is everywhere what can I say. 

You Can Take It With You

A New Bag! I love a new bag discovery, I really do. Stumbled upon this amazing find at Opening Ceremony:
This adorable bag is by Florian Denicourt. I am not familiar with the brand particularly, but I like what I see. The little leather bag tag really sells it for me along with the classic satchel shape. The bags comes in various colors and I suggest you check them out.

Take A Hit

Opened my mailbox today to a lovely surprise: the latest J Crew catalog. I happen to be one of those people that loves catalogs. I know its a little old fashioned, but I am a bit of a print enthusiast.
J Crew always has beautiful images and this season's marketing for their coats that come in wonderful pop colors really stand out.

Brightly colored coats are everywhere this season from the inspiration that came from the fall runway shows. J Crew offers several great silhouettes to classic coat options in a wide variety of pop colors this fall. Not to mention J Crew's coats are at some great price points. Check out these other brightly colored coats that I am obsessed with (yes, they are slightly less affordable).
Celine - I used to have a picture of this coat up at my desk at work. I love everything about it. Never has orange looked so chic. Then again Celine can do no wrong.

Rag and Bone - I have repeatedly posted about this coat. The wool motto jacket has a little bit of edge to it and I love the playfulness of the bright color

The Row - Sleek and chic defines the row and while the brand usually doesn't do bright colors I love this bold yellow coat

She's A Lady

I have a soft spot for Miu Miu. I love their feminine looks, even though usually that is not something I am particularly drawn too. They consistently turn out strong collections and I love the prints they use every time. As you might know already, I also enjoy their ads and spokesperson selection quite a bit. While I am fantasy shopping here are some Miu Miu goods I would enjoy.
 This dress is so lady like I just adore it. Sophisticated, but still feels young and retro.
 I am not one for glitter usually or pink. However, I have seen these shoes in numerious editorials and I can not stop staring at them. Gorgeous to the extreme. Even with out the flash I am obsessed with the curved heel.
 Okay, who really needs this iPhone case like this? I kind of just love how decadent it is and the great pop colors it comes in. Why not?
 Chic and timeless. Love the light color. The bag has an element of utility and gracefulness.
Basic pumps but I love the pop of color and the sude that looks heavenly. 
 This dress is just plain cute and looks like you could wear it every day.
Miu Miu has some of the best prints every season. Love the simple silhouette and the sweet print.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Style Influence of the Day: Alexa Chung

She may not be well known by the American public, but those who know of her are very aware of why Alexa Chung is a fashion icon. Mulberry named a bag after her. Madewell recently did a collaboration with her as well.
Known for her adrogenous and quirky style, has stood out for her passion for the industry and various collaborations . I love the simplicity of her look and the odd choices she sometimes makes. Nothing makes a girl a fashion icon quite like being on the worst dressed list as well as the best dressed list. 

These Shapes

Geometric shapes have captured my attention, particularly when it comes to accessories. It seems every piece of jewelry I have thought about purchasing in the last few months has had triangles on it. The art deco influence is clearly going strong.

House of Harlow consistently has pieces that I love that embody the art deco feel and are also modern.

Best of Both Worlds

I was picking up some things at Duane Reade the other day and the woman in front of me was wearing this amazing coat. She was actually a few people in front of me or I would have asked her who the coat was by, but alas she got away before I could find out.

This coat was a combination of wool and leather paneling and I have literally been googling the words "coat with leather panels" over and over again hoping to find this coat.

Finally I struck gold the other day! Now I have no way of knowing if this is in fact the coat, but it is a winner for me.

Helmut Lang does it again: meet the Eon Trench Coat

Who doesn't love contrasting textiles? Helmut Lang tends to not disappoint me, I am generally a fan. This coat really has me thinking it might be worth the invenstment. Leather and wool all in one coat sounds to me like it would be the perfect winter coat.

Too bad I couldn't just pick this up while at the Duane Reade..