Sunday, April 26, 2009

Of Course They Are Playing "The Notebook"...

I end up watching the Notebook on Lifetime (which is enough to mock me as just by saying that) and I always think I don't like the Notebook then I see part of it and I'm like oh wait their cute. Then the old people come on and interrupt the story and I remember why I think it's bad. I know that's the whole point of the film like love is timeless and all that but I hate it. No one wants to see the old people who seem to be doing terrible acting jobs in my opinion. Is it really dementia or is she just a terrible actress for that role? Either way I feel like I should like the notebook, but I just can't. If you cut it up about an hour of the whole film is actually with the characters telling their love story the rest depressing and garbage. I am sure this puts me in the insensitive category, but do I get back in it when I mention that I was in fact watching Lifetime?

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