Sunday, April 19, 2009

U-S- of A...Get it together already!

Quick Update so that I actually make progress on updating! Watched Miss USA tonight to see the Veronicas perform and they were amazing as usual. Loved the outfits. Jess's pants (or leggings?) with sequins were fabulous, I want some. I was kind of voting for Miss Utah out of the final 5 because she was pretty damn hot (well Miss USA hot because all those girls look alike pretty much. Wave hair, lots of make up, sparkles, ect.) and who knew anyone who looks like that could come from Utah? I am slightly impressed. Slightly.

Sorry the video is such bad quality! They are still fabulous.

In other news Miss California was asked how she felt about gay marriage and she said she did not approve and was promptly booed. I have to say I am shocked because she is representing California and I would think she would be more forward thinking and accepting. Enough is enough with not allowing gay marriage. Even if you are obsessed with the idea of marriage being only between a man and a woman (which is ridiculous, but if that's our claim to why it should not be) think of it in simple legal terms. If you are gay you still pay taxes and thus you deserve to have the same tax rights as everyone else! Married couples get tax breaks, why should a gay couple be denied this? They pay taxes too. Otherwise if it upsets people so much to ruin the "sanctity of marriage" -which is total crap because I think we ruined that with our 5 second Vegas weddings, VH1 specials, and the Bachelor - you should see that gays deserve the same legal rights as everyone else. We are all the same doesn't matter who you love. There is my big stance.

For all those that didn't see the tiara and sequin fest (bad quality again ugh):

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