Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dry Ice

On first hearing about Chanel's Fall RTW show I thought that it sounded a little too gimmicky. Everyone loves a good show and the element of theatrics but when I heard that giant icebergs from Sweden were brought in and there were fur pants a plenty, I had my doubts about how much I'd like the show. However, viewing the line up I have to say that the theatrics were fun, but behind it all were some great looks. I even think that someone could rock those fur pants for sure. Props to Chanel too for the fact that the fur is all fake. I have never found it necessary for real fur to still be used today and am glad to see Chanel showing fake fur in a fur heavy line, as well as being a great example for other designers given its luxury status. After seeing this show I have to say that being a Polar bear has never looked so chic.


Fashionable Earth said...

Love it ! Triumph for fake fur :)

Riley said...

I agree! I don't think there is a need for real fur to be used anymore when there have been so many advances make fake fur that is just as luxurious