Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Little Less Distance

I haven't posted much personal commentary on this blog, but here is a little blip about my personal life. I am flying back to my hometown on the west coast soon for my spring break. I am off to visit my boyfriend which I am beyond excited about because while distance might make the heart grow fonder, the heart would like no distance for a bit too.

School doesn't stop though and I have quite a bit of homework and projects to keep me busy over break, but still the change of scene can be nice and not having to go to classes and work while scrambling to do homework will be nice.

(Bansky's Girl with Heart Balloon pictured above)


Breann said...

woman, you have so much to look forward to. seeing your boy, clearing your mind, and not having to go to class. enjoy your last spring break, i expect updates :)

Riley said...

I officially love you for commenting on my blog because no one ever does!