Friday, August 26, 2011

Fall Wish List: Madewell Edition

A few days ago the New Arrivals for Fall on Madewell came out! I have previously posted the look book for Fall a while back, but now the styles are available for purchase. Pretty exciting! Here are a few of my top favorites...I want, I want, I want...

Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt - I have mentioned this before, so maybe it isn't so "new". Everyone needs a great chambray shirt and how can you not love that it's your "ex-boyfriends"?

Shapestripe Tee - You know by now I am obsessed with stripes. I love the faded stripes and the slouchy fit, I love the sleeve length.

Salt & Pepper Slouch Pants - Love the name again! I am all about pants this fall and slouch pants in particular (though its key though that there is still a slim fit). Who doesn't need pants with polka dots on them?
 Leather Soundstage Shorts - How many times do I really need to say I want leather shorts (or more likely with my budget faux leather shorts)? Paired with some tights you can wear these through fall, winter, and spring.

Striped Lampost Sweater Dress - Stripes all over, enough said. Not to mention that sweater dresses are always unbelievably comfortable. You will live in your sweater dresses. People will start to comment "Didn't you just wear that?" Yes, yes you did.

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