Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Book Talk

It's been a while since I updated due to all the finals, ending of semester, packing, and traveling. I am not currently re-located on the west coast for the winter holiday season and beyond (since I will be here until the end of January which is after most holidays). I finished Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates and absolutely loved it. It was over all rather depressing story, but I love to read depressing stories it seems so naturally I loved it. I particularly enjoyed Yates' writing style because it just unfolded the story so well and told things in a such a very direct manor which I thought really added to the overall portrayal of the characters and telling of the story. I finished the book in time to see the movie which comes out on Christmas Day I believe. The film stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo Dicaprio and looks like it's beautifully filmed. I liked the book a great deal so I think I'll enjoy the film and most certainly want to see it. Sure to be beautifully heartbreaking.

Now that I'm finished with Revolutionary Road I intend on moving on to The Reader by Bernhard Schlink. This book is also being made into a film that stars Kate Winslet as well. Funny. I want to see that film too, but first must finish the book. Hopefully I'll read this one at a faster pace since I'm on break now and have more time to read.

Just been hanging out with friends and family and working a little on the side. It has been a very pleasant break so far. I was reunited with my little pug too so what could be better than that?

Went over to my friends last night to help decorate her family's Christmas Tree and some how we ended up sitting there watching Oprah. Her mom, me, and her were just suddenly transfixed by it and it struck me how funny it is that the show is made in such a way to draw in females and connect them. I've seen Oprah a few times through out the years, but suddenly I was so into the show! It was about staging these awful events and having hidden cameras around to see if people just ignored it or stopped and said something. One of them were two actors hired to look like a couple fighting and the guy is verbally and physically abusing his wife in a park and people aren't doing anything and then this woman stops and steps in and tells the husband off and insists on staying to protect the wife. I was amazed! Of course it was pretty much always women that stopped and did anything. Again connecting to the female viewer, but seriously it doesn't even matter what Oprah is about I swear it's just like somehow it connects to some part of the female mind and you find yourself sympathizing with whatever is going on...Very strange. Maybe it's just me but honestly I don't think any of us intended on watching Oprah until 10:00 pm at night (it was re-run), it just happened. Oprah just happens! Plus I think both of the a fore mentioned books are in Oprah's book club.

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