Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finishing Things Up

Started finals today at school and I don't think I did very well on it. I mean seriously it was madness. Everyone was freaking out because he didn't teach us a lot of it and it was in the book, but it was never emphasized so I didn't think the whole exam would be on Freudian Theory and cognitive dissonance! This was my final for my Consumer Motivation class and I have two more finals today as well. It wasn't just me that thought that final was insane though, as people came out of the class we were all freaking out. One girl actually raised her hand and asked what chapters this was emphasizing because she didn't know any of it. I am not sure I would have admitted that to the class, but I did feel that way. Doing a presentation in my internship class and handing in my huge paper along with my final evaluation from my internship (I got a very good review so that's a good reference to have) and then my product development final is tonight. Lots of studying to do still, but hopefully it will go well. I am slightly worried though because I have the same professor for both my consumer motivation class and my product development class so I am worried this final might be left field too. There is going to be a lot of math on the exam I think and that's not exactly my strength...We'll see how it goes.

Made cookies with Siara today in between classes as we discussed our take on the consumer motivation exam. So far every question we could remember and discussed we didn't put the same answer...not a good sign.

After this week I go back to Seattle! I can't believe this semester went by so fast! It was over all a very good semester though because I think I finally figured things out on how to be productive and take time for myself occasionally. Isn't that the kind of life lessons I am supposed to be learning in college? Learning how to paint my nails with out getting the polish everywhere hasn't happened yet, but I'll continue to to work on that. That was my abstract goal for college, learn to paint my nails properly. Still hasn't happened. I love New York, but I am excited to go back to Seattle for break and see friends and family and my puppy! I miss my little pug so much! My break is forever and a half though so I am sure I will get fidgety and want to come back to New York after a few weeks. Especially once I stop working because when I don't work I get so restless. Taking time off is not something I do well.

Mika wearing American Apparel....Hahaha. She was not thrilled at all that I wanted to take this picture. My little puggy. I'll be seeing her soon!

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