Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grade D

Today in my Product Knowledge class we were going over our current unit on Gemstones, settings, metal hardware, ect. with an emphasis for that day on Diamonds. My professor whom is very nice, but has a very thick German accent (which is semi-hilarious and makes me want to shout out "Fraulein") kept talking about how when we "get our diamonds" and when "we tell a man what diamonds to get us." as if this was key to the unit. I get the association with diamonds and engagement rings and the whole "diamonds are a girl's best friend" thing. However, I have never been one of those girls that talks about their future wedding all the time and what they will demand their engagement ring to look like. I don't mind that much when other people talk about it even, unless it's silly 19 to 20 year old girls who act like marrying their New Jersey boyfriend is for sure going to happen and they will immediately have the dream life.

Lucky me, just such girl was sitting next to me. This girl was a diamond expert! Another class she previously remarked how though her boyfriend had not proposed yet they had talked about marriage and his grandmother had shown her the family ring to ask her if she wanted it. What? Oh, and it's a beautiful ring from the 1920's and will just look perfect. What again? My question is does her boyfriend even know about this whole "promise of marriage"? Probably not. Poor fool probably only thinks as far as the next keg party he is going to. This girl knew everything about diamonds too! Clearly one of those girls that goes into Tiffany's at age 13 and tries on rings so she knows what her future engagement ring looks like. Those girls scare me. Marriage talks and all that make me very uncomfortable as is (more so than most people I am sure), but the whole thing was absurd. She had a comment on everything the teacher said. Such as "I prefer the princess cut", "I don't like white gold settings, only platinum will do", "D or E color is all I will take otherwise it's just tacky", and "I wouldn't except a diamond below VVs1 grade and even that is pushing it". If you know all of those terms already you either just LOVE diamond shopping, took Product Knowledge at some point, or are ready to kidnap the first boy you meet and make him propose to you. Which is what I think my professor was suggesting...Clearly I am supposed to find a boy and immediately hand him a print out of the diamond design I picked out online then bother with names and other details later.

We were also asked the class before to bring in any diamonds we had to examine. Any diamonds we had? I'm 19 years old, I don't have a box of diamonds or precious stones sitting around in my dorm room! Sure enough miss "princess cut" brought some in and also proceeded to talk about how she also has a star sapphire, but that was too rare to bring in. Guess, I missed that birthday where I am supposed to receive tons of jewels.

On a side note I think I am becoming a bit of a Daisy Lowe fan. Normally I don't care about models at all or socialites, yet I have kind of fallen for liking Daisy Lowe. She does have some good style, ahhhh...I'm getting sucked into my school environment of fashion craziness = model obsessions.

Have also been looking at the shows on (the best source ever for Fashion Week pictures I swear!) and must say I am liking what I am seeing so far. Fall 2009 is going to be awesome.

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