Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I must go on a rant right now because I am so frustrated with everything today. I will now complain in an organized manor:

1. Had to go buy some special calculator today for Quantitative Methods class and I tried to find the address where I was told I could find this special calculator. Walked around in the snow for 20 minutes unable to find this place and then when I asked other people in the class if they found it they responded, "Really you went up 27th street and didn't find it? Right next to the shady nail place? I mean it was RIGHT THERE."

2. Walking home tonight at 9:30 pm from class in the cold slush and ice from the snow that fell all day, I was being careful to not fall on the slippery sidewalk. Until I came to a corner outside a mini mart where someone had dumped a bag of crushed ice on the corner. I tried to avoid the ice cubes, but ended up tripping and falling down. Ouch.

3. Getting in elevator a guy makes an open ended comment of "It's really bad out there." I respond with, "Yeah, I just fell outside, I slipped on some ice." He responds with, "Ha! Really, you know someone is going to put that shit on youtube. Someone had to see that with their camera phone."

4. FAFSA. The biggest headache every year and I never get anything because some awful technical glitch seems to ALWAYS happen. Even though I am in some dire need of some funding, still no support from the agonizing form. However, I can be comforted by the fact that people at $40,000 a year private schools in Manhattan who have triple digit "allowances" and lied on their FAFSA form and got financial aid.

5. Did my 2008 taxes. I think that speaks for itself even if it was a 1040EZ, it still managed to be a huge pain.

6. I still haven't gotten a job. Beyond depressing.

7. People that you try to make plans with and just flat out don't respond. Just say you are busy! I mean is that too hard?

8. The weather just in general I am hating the cold and how it dries out my skin.

9. The internet isn't working (or when it does it's at a snail's speed) and now I am being forced to plug in the too short internet cord to my lap top.

10. FAFSA really deserves to be on this list twice. So does not having a job still but let's keep it an even 10.

The volcano is my frustration erupting.


miya said...

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh. that frustrated me just reading it!!!! it amazes me that you do your own taxes though!!

Riley said...

It's not hard except oh wait I thought American Apparel put all of mine in one because I have worked at two different stores in the last yea, but they didn't! Now I have to re-do the stupid form.