Thursday, February 26, 2009

Top 10

Sorry I haven't posted in such a long time! I have been trying to readjust my schedule to having a job and still having time to do homework. I decided I'd do a little list of 10 to catch up on me:

1. I am suddenly obsessed with the song "Landslide" by Stevie Nicks

2. Saw this video and thought it was very hilarious, check it out

3. Saw a lot of people with the "ash mark" on their foreheads walking around and I didn't understand for a while and then I realized the day before was Fat Tuesday so it was Ash Wednesday. Being Catholic has taught me something at least.

4. Found vegetarian chili and was so excited! It was soooo good. Oh I have missed you chili and I didn't even know it.

5. Was given a copy of a Michael Bubble album. Me and 40 year old women everywhere are rejoicing.

6. I decided I could wear 3 or 4 inch heels to work if I was only working a 4 hour long shift. I did fine until I had to go home and could barely walk to the subway and from the subway home. Guess, I'm not much of a lady. I feel slightly crippled still.

7. I don't get paid until next Friday and until then I have about $30 to my name. Do you hear that FAFSA?

8. Things are going over all really well and I'm trying to not freak out and screw them up like I normally do.

9. Recently I have become more interested in this straightener that dries your hair as you straighten it. My room mate has one and I am rather interested. Seems it would save time and possibly cause less damage to my sad hair.

10. Did you watch the video on 2? Because you really should. I am hoping to go on a little adventure in April and the details are in the works.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Bug Pug

Hahaha. I can't get enough of the pugs in costumes. It's just too hilarious. Clearly I spend too much time online looking at pug pictures.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grade D

Today in my Product Knowledge class we were going over our current unit on Gemstones, settings, metal hardware, ect. with an emphasis for that day on Diamonds. My professor whom is very nice, but has a very thick German accent (which is semi-hilarious and makes me want to shout out "Fraulein") kept talking about how when we "get our diamonds" and when "we tell a man what diamonds to get us." as if this was key to the unit. I get the association with diamonds and engagement rings and the whole "diamonds are a girl's best friend" thing. However, I have never been one of those girls that talks about their future wedding all the time and what they will demand their engagement ring to look like. I don't mind that much when other people talk about it even, unless it's silly 19 to 20 year old girls who act like marrying their New Jersey boyfriend is for sure going to happen and they will immediately have the dream life.

Lucky me, just such girl was sitting next to me. This girl was a diamond expert! Another class she previously remarked how though her boyfriend had not proposed yet they had talked about marriage and his grandmother had shown her the family ring to ask her if she wanted it. What? Oh, and it's a beautiful ring from the 1920's and will just look perfect. What again? My question is does her boyfriend even know about this whole "promise of marriage"? Probably not. Poor fool probably only thinks as far as the next keg party he is going to. This girl knew everything about diamonds too! Clearly one of those girls that goes into Tiffany's at age 13 and tries on rings so she knows what her future engagement ring looks like. Those girls scare me. Marriage talks and all that make me very uncomfortable as is (more so than most people I am sure), but the whole thing was absurd. She had a comment on everything the teacher said. Such as "I prefer the princess cut", "I don't like white gold settings, only platinum will do", "D or E color is all I will take otherwise it's just tacky", and "I wouldn't except a diamond below VVs1 grade and even that is pushing it". If you know all of those terms already you either just LOVE diamond shopping, took Product Knowledge at some point, or are ready to kidnap the first boy you meet and make him propose to you. Which is what I think my professor was suggesting...Clearly I am supposed to find a boy and immediately hand him a print out of the diamond design I picked out online then bother with names and other details later.

We were also asked the class before to bring in any diamonds we had to examine. Any diamonds we had? I'm 19 years old, I don't have a box of diamonds or precious stones sitting around in my dorm room! Sure enough miss "princess cut" brought some in and also proceeded to talk about how she also has a star sapphire, but that was too rare to bring in. Guess, I missed that birthday where I am supposed to receive tons of jewels.

On a side note I think I am becoming a bit of a Daisy Lowe fan. Normally I don't care about models at all or socialites, yet I have kind of fallen for liking Daisy Lowe. She does have some good style, ahhhh...I'm getting sucked into my school environment of fashion craziness = model obsessions.

Have also been looking at the shows on (the best source ever for Fashion Week pictures I swear!) and must say I am liking what I am seeing so far. Fall 2009 is going to be awesome.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I finally got a job and I am very excited about this. I've been applying to any and every place under the sun pretty much every day and now finally I have a job! I will be working for Max Studio both at their store location and at Bloomingdales. I am looking forward to getting back to work because I desperately need the money. Plus, I don't think me having too much free time is a good idea. I will have to re-adjust my schedule to make sure I get all my homework done still, but I think I have it down pretty well so far.

On a side note, I am lusting after these shoes! Still I do not intend on buying them even when I start getting my paychecks because I really want to try and save more!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

It's the day about love. Go eat some candy.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Needs A Title?

Despite all my irrationality and the craziness that has been going on I think for once things have been talked out and I am okay with the results. In fact I feel more sure of things than I ever was before. It has been such a crazy week! I am glad it's going to be the weekend and right now I really feel like things are going well. Glad everything got worked out.

Hot Dogs! (Pun Intended)


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Coffee Day

Had today off as my "work day" (if I had a job I would be working on this day, but since I am unemployed I am free) and was in a rather good mood when I woke up because I had resolved some things the day before. I wanted to go to the gym today, but I thought it didn't open until 9 am and then I though oh wait no it's not until 11 am because that is when it opens on the weekend. At 10 am I looked up what time the gym opened and it said it opened at 7 am! I had just been waiting for it to open all that time and it had been opened the whole time! I felt quite foolish. Went to the gym and ended up working out for 2 hours. I lost track of time while I was there which pretty much never happens.

Came back from the gym and checked my email to get distressing news...No that's not the correct way to describe it. It wasn't distressing, it was just something I hadn't expected and I was taken a back because by and made me very emotional. Hence my earlier post I supposed. Thankfully I had my coffee and urban outfitters Wednesday meeting with Charlie. Which is always so nice because what is better than coffee and urban outfitters? To me there isn't anything better.

I bought a belt for $5 and a pair of black skinny pants for $10. Yes, I have no job and that should be food money, but I couldn't help it. I haven't bought something for myself in like 4 months. Plus I kind of need a pair of black pants and I intend on wearing them to my job interview tomorrow, so I am justifying them with that. I need a job, but I will miss my coffee dates with Charlie when I am employed. Money is needed though to even have coffee though, must remember that.

If That's How It's Going to Leave

"If you love something you should let it go." Isn't that what everyone says? I think I have let everything go that I ever loved and never once asked someone to stay and I'm am completely used to the concept of leaving. I expect leaving. Once again I am letting go because how can you ever hold on to something if you know you can help them by not doing that? I think people should do what's best for themselves. So go ahead and go and I'm not asking for anyone to stay.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I was mildly obsessed with Pocahontas when I was 7 and very much wanted to have hair like her. Long, black, having a life of it's own as it spirals in the wind and all that. I dyed my hair black at one point, but my hair has never successfully grown long. The one and only time I went to Disneyland was the year Pocahontas came out so the place was promoting it like mad and I instantly bought every action figure from the movie. I had the chief and even the fat villain (if you don't get them all it's not a complete collection!) None of this is terribly relevant, but I was thinking about all this and went looking for a picture of Pocahontas and found this strange image of the people that dress up as the Disney characters at Disneyland:

I mean what is going on in this picture? Why is Miko checking out Pocahontas's chest? Wildly inappropriate and disturbing.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I must go on a rant right now because I am so frustrated with everything today. I will now complain in an organized manor:

1. Had to go buy some special calculator today for Quantitative Methods class and I tried to find the address where I was told I could find this special calculator. Walked around in the snow for 20 minutes unable to find this place and then when I asked other people in the class if they found it they responded, "Really you went up 27th street and didn't find it? Right next to the shady nail place? I mean it was RIGHT THERE."

2. Walking home tonight at 9:30 pm from class in the cold slush and ice from the snow that fell all day, I was being careful to not fall on the slippery sidewalk. Until I came to a corner outside a mini mart where someone had dumped a bag of crushed ice on the corner. I tried to avoid the ice cubes, but ended up tripping and falling down. Ouch.

3. Getting in elevator a guy makes an open ended comment of "It's really bad out there." I respond with, "Yeah, I just fell outside, I slipped on some ice." He responds with, "Ha! Really, you know someone is going to put that shit on youtube. Someone had to see that with their camera phone."

4. FAFSA. The biggest headache every year and I never get anything because some awful technical glitch seems to ALWAYS happen. Even though I am in some dire need of some funding, still no support from the agonizing form. However, I can be comforted by the fact that people at $40,000 a year private schools in Manhattan who have triple digit "allowances" and lied on their FAFSA form and got financial aid.

5. Did my 2008 taxes. I think that speaks for itself even if it was a 1040EZ, it still managed to be a huge pain.

6. I still haven't gotten a job. Beyond depressing.

7. People that you try to make plans with and just flat out don't respond. Just say you are busy! I mean is that too hard?

8. The weather just in general I am hating the cold and how it dries out my skin.

9. The internet isn't working (or when it does it's at a snail's speed) and now I am being forced to plug in the too short internet cord to my lap top.

10. FAFSA really deserves to be on this list twice. So does not having a job still but let's keep it an even 10.

The volcano is my frustration erupting.