Sunday, February 13, 2011


 Adele's new album 21 is coming out February 22nd and I am really looking forward to getting it. I have never been much of an Adele fan before and while I have enjoyed some of her songs I would not say she was one of my favorites.

Recently however, I have been watching performances she has been doing of her new album online and I am blown away by the songs on her new album. Her voice is so beautiful and I love the honesty of her songs.

I found this video online of her talking about each song on her album and while I warn you it is a bit of a long video it is worth watching. Hearing her talk about each song is really amazing amazing because she is very open about her song writing and she is also quite witty and funny. Check out the video at least to hear her reference moments from the movie Never Been Kissed.

Favorite songs that I have heard from the album include: Don't You Remember, Someone Like You, and Turning Tables.

I also happen to think she is very pretty and love her make up and style I might stat working on teasing my hair up like


miya said...

interesting....! I do love her voice, but maybe this is the album that will get me obsessed with her!!!

Riley said...

Oh it is. I didn't love her first album. I have a few songs and all but they didn't blow me away. She has a good voice but this next album is amazing!!