Sunday, February 13, 2011

Playing Favorites

Fashion Week is currently in full swing here in NYC. Which means I spend every evening (or morning) looking at the shows online. I have been pleasantly surprised by several of the shows so far and while I have loved some of my usual favorite designers some different names have caught my interest this year. Here are a few of my favorite looks from my favorite shows so far.

Band of Outsiders (of course it was one my favorites)

Prabal Gurung (pink has never looked so good)

Alexander Wang (what's not to love?)

Kimberly Ovitz (loved the draping and thick knit wear)


Miya said...

Cool picks!!! I like that you showed Kimberly Ovitz! I have no idea who she is!! hahah

Riley said...

Random choice I know but I really liked her stuff. I have a soft spot of very wearable looking pieces but they were also innovative.

Eleanor said...

Jesse Eisenberg wore Band of Outsiders to the awards last night. woo