Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wall Flower

I have always been a fan of what I refer to as "fake art". Basically any mass produced art such as anything that is sold at Urban Outfitters on a large canvas. I LOVE that stuff! When I moved into my dorm this year I wanted to decorate it (so it doesn't look like an asylum with the large white walls) so I went to look at all the Urban Outfitters home decor stuff and was naturally instantly in lover. However, given that I am on the college student budget I couldn't exactly convince myself to fork over the cash for what I liked. Particularly a set of 10 frames that were $50 and came in various sizes so you could put your own pictures in and have this little super hip art display. Loved it.

I knew I really shouldn't spend the money on it though and figured Hey I can do that without their frames! I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and picked up some cheap frames of various sizes (saving money!). I then went about tearing out all pages from my magazine collection. I hoard every magazine I have ever gotten. It's really kind of insane, but I just can't stand to let them go! I used to not be able to take pages out either I was so neurotic about keeping them perfect, at least now I have evolved to using them as a resource. I pulled out some ads and photo shoots I liked and framed them all and wa la! Fake art! I was very pleased with myself.

I kept up the same pictures all semester and now that I am back for a new semester figured it was time for a change so I just changed all the pictures out. They are just random images I liked and I tried to get a good mixture of black and white pictures as well as ones with pops of color. I posted the whole display above and then included close ups of all the pictures below. My camera isn't very good so they aren't very good quality pictures, but it will give you the general idea. There was a lot of issues of using the flash and it reflecting or not using the flash and it being very out of focus. Again, hope you get the gist of it.


miya said...

Dude!! where are my pants?! that is so brilliant!!!!!!! and you claim that you have no decorating skill!! bah! so much better then my wall!

Riley said...

They are all crooked though it's quite upsetting. I just want to have a little Ikea couch one day and I'll be happy.