Thursday, November 27, 2008

Awful Truths

My friends and I were watching some MTV True Life marathon and I found that that show is one of the most shocking things I have ever seen and usually freaks me out about life in general. Last time I saw the True Life" Meth Addict (or whatever it was called) episode I became so disturbed I ran out of the room because I couldn't watch these people royally screw up their lives.

During this marathon there were two episodes that freaked me out. One of which was True Life: I'm in a Love Triangle. For those of you who haven't seen True Life it features two or three people with similar problems related to the episode title. In this case it follows a girl named Felicia who was with a guy named Jeff and he got her pregnant and then she had an abortion and later they broke up. Jeff then goes on to be with another girl named Kelsey and he goes on and get her pregnant too and she decides to keep it. Felicia is still in love with Jeff and wants him back, but Jeff claims he "Loves them both" and doesn't see why they can't all be together? What the fuck!? Maybe because a relationship is between two people and not three and one of them is having your baby!! Best part is that Kelsey is fine with the whole thing and doesn't get why Felicia doesn't think they can all be together! Felicia keeps talking about how she wants to make it work and Jeff (possibly the biggest asshole ever and the most self absorbed jerk) keeps trying to tear down her self esteem every time she tries to get over him and leave him. In the end she finally breaks away and leave him, but why did it take so long! Thank god every day you aren't having this ass hole's child and you aren't part of his warped twisted relationship. I can't believe girls like this exist that think they are in love with someone so much they would do anything, including destroy their own lives and happiness to be with them. That's not love that's desperation! Please girls, walk away form bad shit like that. Obviously it's this is a dramatization that only MTV would ever find, but it heavily disturbed me and I think people need to know that kind of emotional manipulation is not okay. Not even close, ladies don't let that kind of shit happen to you. Walk away.

Second disturbing episode was True Life: I'm a Single Parent. I had feelings of both horror and admiration though for this one. One of the single parents being followed was a guy named Nick who lived in Kansas and was 25 years old and he had 6 children! 6 children!!! One was from his previous marriage and that boy was 10. The others were all 5 and under and were born with in 18 months of each other. He got married again and his wife got pregnant and had triplets. She gets pregnant again then has twins. That is just insane on it's own. The wife goes crazy and decides she can't handle the kids and starts drinking and partying and up and abandons him with these six children. A one point the mom shows up clearly high or drunk in some way or another and tries to see the kids. Nick says she never visits and when she does she shows up and gets the kids all excited and then hurts them by leaving again suddenly. It was awful as he tried to deal with her intoxicated behavior and pries the kids away from the mom because clearly she is not healthy for them to be around her. Watching this man raise these children by himself was insane and he was actually a good parent, not some white trash party guy that abandons his children to party. He was very involved in their lives and it was amazing. I have great respect for single parents, it's a very tough position to be put in and single parents work hard to support and be involved in their children's lives. Having one kid and raising it would be tough but 6 kids that are all basically under the age of 5 seems impossible, but he was going on to get his master's in engineering to better his life and his children's.

Another single parent being followed was this young girl who was raising her daughter while living with her mother and sisters. The girl would go out and party at night though and then complained about her mom. Hey, if that girl lived on her own raising her child she would have to sit at home and watch that kid so be grateful to your mother for helping at all! Plus, what the fuck are you doing going out partying when you have a child to raise! She goes on a series of dates as she tries to find a "father" for her daughter. I mean please! Her daughter is almost 2 years old and she brings over several guys and tries to get the daughter to acknowledge them and like the. Until she spends some serious time with these men and is in an actual relationship she shouldn't be bringing around her random boyfriends. Surprisingly enough she ends up meeting a guy that sticks with her and proposes, but it's totally ridiculous because he is a dead beat for sure and they are just going to end up breaking up or getting her pregnant again. I can't believe these people. Why do so many people think having babies or getting married is the answer for everything!? It's not! Get your life together first and take some responsibility before you carry on making the same mistakes one after another.

Did I learn any lessons for watching a marathon of crap reality television? Yes, 1) HAVE PROTECTED SEX!!! You see these people lives and it's like oh my god what are you doing?! 2) Get a job and a solid education 3) Wait before you marry someone, there is no rush and no 4 months is not exactly a long term relationship. In my mind I don't even get the whole marriage idea in general. What's the point? 4) Babies are not going to solve your problems or bring you closer with your partner, so everyone needs to stop thinking that!

Done ranting now, but this makes me think that the whole of America needs a better sex education program. My friend suggested showing True Life as sex education. They should! Scared me out of my mind.

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