Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Ready to Dance

Recently watched Save the Last dance which came out in 2001 and stars Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick-Thomas. It's the story of a girl named Sarah who moves to Chicago to live with her estranged father after her mother dies. Sarah was passionate about ballet, but quit after her mother dies trying to get to her Juilliard audition. The over all theme is Sarah dealing with being the only white girl in a predominately black neighborhood and dealing with prejudice as she falls in love with a black boy and they deal with people's reactions of their inter-racial relationship.

The genius behind this story line though is that Sarah develops a relationship with Derek when he offers to teach her how to dance to hip hop and of course encourages her to pursue her dreams and audition for Juilliard yet again. This time of course she incorporates her new hip hop dance moves into her "alternative piece" for the audition. Finding love and crossing cultural barriers through dance, what more could you ask for?

I've seen this movie several times and I am huge fan of cheesy dance movies. Insert random problem that can always be solved by someone teaching another person about themselves, culture, or lifestyle through dance. Genius!

After watching this movie again it got me thinking...

1)Where is my attractive dance teacher to teach me more about life through artistic choreography? I am very rhythmically challenged; hello I'm waiting!

2)Why is Sean Patrick-Thomas not in more movies? That boy is super attractive

3) K-Ci and Jojo's song "Crazy" which is featured in the video in a fantastically dramatic montage moment basically makes this film. Plus it is the slow song for the soundtrack of every middle school dance I ever went to.

4) I want to bring "Slammin" back into every day slang.

5) Dance solves every problem you could ever have in life and is the best way to "find yourself." If you haven't seen Save the Last Dance another case and point is and Flashdance

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miya said...

slammin, that outfit was slammin! geniosity wrapped into one whole movie!!