Sunday, November 23, 2008

Love Comes in Cotton

T-shirts I am obsessed with....

Annie Hollywood: Don't know why I want it, but I want it. I tried to buy it over the summer in Seattle at the store Zebra Club, but they sold out immediately when I didn't buy it the first time I went in. I found out the designer though and found the website of the brand that makes the shirt (Blood is the New Black. I love the brand name by the way). The girl featured in picture is from a band (Annie Hardy), but I don't even care or really know who she is, I just like the shirt.

Off the Deep End: Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt. I tend to love saying shirts and I like the cut because it's long and has quarter length sleeves. Basic and ridiculous, yet I like.

Lost Vegas
Tee: It's from Urban Outfitters and I happen to like pre- deconstructed clothing items. A shirt with holes and yet another saying shirt. I also love heathered grey shirts.

Bow Shirt:
It's just an American Apparel Deep V-Neck shirt that has a screen print of a bow on it, but I like the design. Found it on and it's the designer/user rubyslippers. Worth supporting independent artists!


Andie said...

Annie Hardy is an aquaintence of mine. She's in a band with my ex boyfriend, Max. It's called Giant Drag. She has the dirtiest mouth I've ever heard in my life. If you wear a shirt with her face on it, I'm going to lose it. In a bad way

Riley said...

I couldn't remember the band's name, but yeah that's it. I know who Max is since you have mentioned him. Weird weird! Well, now I can't have it can I? Make a shirt with your face on it, I'll buy it. :)