Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sets of Two

I recently purchased Influences by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. The books is a collection of exclusive interviews with them, designers, photographers and other people that have influenced them in their lives. I'm not a huge Olsen twin fan actually, but I am a freak about large well crafted books and once I had a look through this book I fell in love. Like the Olsen's I am a fan of fashion and regardless of how I feel about them or anyone else for that matter, their influence on the fashion world is undeniable. I haven't received the book yet because I bought it online. I actually bought a used copy of Amazon (I am so cheap...)so I am not sure which cover I will get. For those that don't know the book comes in two copies each featuring a twin on the cover and the other pictured on the back. Personally I want the Mary-Kate cover just because I prefer that photo; Ashley however is my preferred twin usually. Excited to get the book and check it out. I bought it so it's already proved influential enough...that was a pun, I think.

Another set of twins are the most influential on my personal style. Twin sisters (Jess and Lisa Origliasso) and singers for the band The Veronicas have such unique styles that they very much connect to my personal preferences in mixing and matching. A friend of mine and fellow fan commented on how one day Lisa and Jess will have their own style book and I for one would be the first to buy it. I would buy both copies if they did the separate cover thing too; yeah, I'm that obsessed with them. If you don't know who the Veronicas are look them up! They are huge in Australia, but haven't broken out big in the U.S. yet. I have no idea why not, they are the pure perfection. The U.S. needs to get on that...and the Veronicas need to get on writing and publishing a style book.

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