Saturday, January 31, 2009

All Pancakes and Pants

I am in quite the fabulous mood today. Despite being unemployed things are going okay. Had lots of fun last night watching X-Men Last Stand and 21 Jump Street (that is the old tv show from the 80's that Johnny Depp was in. There is never enough denim you can wear in that show)until the wee hours of the night. Actually it was like 11:30, but that's late enough! I'm old, I get tired. Oh, before that I went to the gym and I was so pleased because the boom box was not blasting in there. I hate it when I go to the gym and the gym staff is sitting there at the desk blasting the boom box or blasting it while they go around and be skeezy to you while you are trying to work out. I fail to see why you would hit on anyone when they are all sweaty and red faced. I mean could it really be hot to see me in sweat pants all red faced and sweaty with my hair in some crazy head band?! It was some reasonable person working the desk this time though and I got to listen to my iPod with out blasting it. Honestly why there even is a boom box I don't know. Everyone girl in there has an iPod! It's bad for your ears to have to crank it up and drown on out the stereo you know! Anyways, later got some ice cream during the movie and was hyper for ages as a result. Still all good fun. After the movie talked on the phone with that boy and that was quite nice as well especially since this morning I got a nice text about how nice it was to talk on the phone. Smiles all around.

Had breakfast with Brett and Miya this morning (I watched the Movie with them last night too). I am so glad Brett has come back around too! I missed hanging out with him. To sum that whole thing up he sort of stopped being a friend to me last semester because he started hanging out with this girl that used to be a very good friend of mine and they both with "New York crazy" as I would like to call it. They just became obsessed with being cool and going out and all that and I am truly not into all that fakeness. Going out is fine and hanging out with different people is too, but it's wrong to put other people down and be rude to them because you have suddenly had a drastic personality change that is not for the better. Anyways, Brett has come back around to sanity and it's good to have him back because I missed him and his clever little remakes. Who else is going to tell me to put some pants on? Brett claims I never wear pants in other news, but truly I do. It is true however most likely I am wearing something else instead. I don't know why I went into all that.

Had pancakes for breakfast and they were yum yum. Came back and cleaned the whole dorm room. My room mate doesn't clean and she was still at school a week after I left for break which resulted in it being absolutely filthy when I came back. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, dishes, floors, dusted and took out the recycling and trash though and now it's all sparkly. Yay! Makes me feel like I can breathe again. Went to the gym yet again and I am over all quite pleased. I have mass amounts of homework to do, but I'll get to that in a little bit. I am contemplating dropping a class possibly from my schedule. 21 credits and 8 classes is a lot! Especially since 4 are upper division for me. I might be in over my head this time around because I feel a little overwhelmed already. I'm going to give it a little time though and see because I still have time to decides. Quitting things makes me uncomfortable though so I might not drop any. Just a thought. I would like to add I wouldn't be behind by dropping a class I would still be ahead so I am not being irresponsible if I do drop one. I added that for me more than anything.Hahaha.

Going to Anthony's house warming party tonight. Should be fun haven't seem him in a long time and it's weird not having him just two floors below me anymore. I actually have to make an effort and commute to see him now. Hahaha. I look forward to hanging out with him though. Must try to get more work done though. Maximum productivity continues.

Tomorrow Charlie, Brett, Miya and I are having a Superbowl themed party. We are the least likely people to watch the super bowl since it took a long time to figure out it was even on and who was even playing. Still we are all cooking something and will probably watch it for about 20 minutes before we get bored with it. The spirit is there all the same! Go Football! That's what the Superbowl is right? Football? Ha, just kidding I know that much.

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miya said...

hahah yay i am glad brett is back too!! that reasonably attractive gym attendant was playing third eye blind one time. i was quite charmed! the no pants thing makes even more sense now hahahh! PANTS!