Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crepes and Advil

First day of school tomorrow. I know I've been on break forever and all, but I am not sure I am physically prepared to start school. I have suddenly become ill which I think is largely due to flight I took to New York. Airplanes are basically just like a jar of disease. Not to mention my clock is off due to the 3 hour time difference I am supposed to miraculously adjust to by tomorrow.

For my final day of freedom went to Charlie's with Miya and Alex for crepes for breakfast! Charlie made crepes and I "assisted" (spilled flour all over the stove and stirred the batter). Crepes were amazing though and we hung out just chatting it up until about 2 pm.

Went back to the dorms and was rather exhausted. This sickness thing has really gotten to me. Spent remainder of the day applying for jobs online. Fantastic fun, not. Have to do what I have to do though. Hopefully I'll start hearing back this week at some point. I applied everywhere so I should hear something! Also some people have ridiculous applications. Like 5 page surveys on whether or not you agree or strongly disagree with slapping co-workers that make you mad. I mean really?

Do you get angry easily = Strongly Agree
Do you get violent towards people when they upset you or disagree with you = Strongly Agree

You are going to hire me now right? If you have to answer those questions and think about it just stop filling out the application and save yourself the time. They aren't going to hire you.

Tried to go to bed but felt very warm (possible fever? So annoying!) and was just over all uncomfortable so I had to run out and by some Advil across the street. Best part was as I was heading back I hear three girls behind me whispering and one of them says, "She is like wearing genie pants.." Uh no bitches I am wearing sweat pants tucked into my boots with my coat and hat on because it's freezing out! It also happens to be 11 o'clock at night and I hadn't intended on going out again until I started to be physically very ill! Thank you though for helping further support what lovely people go to my school.

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