Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready, Set, Go.

I knew that I would regret taking 10 hours of classes on Tuesday, but after I finished class today I was not only very hungry but also felt like my brain was completely fried. Started out with speech class. I am taking public speaking mainly because it is required, but I was dreading it because as much as I talk, I actually hate public speaking. The class wasn't so bad though my professor is quite funny and looks as well as sounds just like Will Farrell. He admitted this because it's truly startling how closely he resembles him.

Had a little break and then went to Japanese class. I am taking beginners Japanese even though I have taken it before. I didn't want to take an upper level class because I am terrified of speaking in Japanese and I couldn't force myself to take a more advanced class. However, today we learned how to write about 10 Hiragana some useful greetings and phrases. Hiragana is one of the Japanese alphabets used (it's the most basic out of the 3. Katakana and Kanji are the other two) for those that don't know. I know my Hiragana, so it was a very slow and boring 4 hours and the professor is on to me I am sure of it. I said I had taken Japanese before, but I said I had only taken a year. Yes, I lied I have taken 4 years. Clearly she suspects I am more advance because she kept having me do absurd things like "Count to 10!" We hadn't even learned the numbers yet. I knew them, except I forgot 8 because I got all nervous. See, this is why I am taking Japanese level 1! I get overly stressed when I have to speak it! By the way 8 is Hachi.

Quantitative Methods followed and the professor made it clear we were staying for the full 4 hours. And we did. Math is not exactly my strong point, but I was so tired already my brain was struggling to keep up. 10 hours of class every day is exhausting.