Monday, January 26, 2009

Oatmeal is the Lonely Person Food

I got up at 6 am and it was pitch black outside. I couldn't see anything as I stumbled around to get to the shower. Now I am just so thrilled about getting up at 6 am in pure blackness every Monday! Yay for 8 am classes! I will probably regret the selection of this class for the rest of the semester. In fact I already do.

Since it's the first day and all I am hoping we just get out early so I can come back and do some napping. This may be early to everyone else too, but let's just keep in mind I just came from the west coast and it feels like 3 am not 6 am when I was forced to get up. Still feel sick, but took Vitamin C and am drinking some cold remedy type tea to go along with it. My immune system better kick into gear because I don't have time for this "I'm sick" thing.

Eating some oatmeal and listening to "My Man" by Barbara Streisand from the movie Funny Girl on my iPod. Babs is amazing, she should have won in Oscar for that movie. Oh wait, she did! I eat oatmeal or granola basically every morning. I love the stuff and need the basic element of it because my stomach is weak at eating things in the morning. I swear oatmeal is like the officially lonely person food. "Comfort" food they say, nice way of calling it lonely person food. I have a desire to watch The Way We Were now. More Babs. More Depressing Babs films. She is just amazing. How I became a Barbara Sterisand fan I don't even know, just am.

Start my new internship at noon today. Excited to see how that goes and actually get started. Still hoping a nap opportunity comes along before I have to go, otherwise I'll go straight from class and won't get done until 5 o'clock. Which is what it will be like normally, so mind as well start adjusting.


Andie said...

oh goodness you're me.

Riley said...

You eat oatmeal too? I love that stuff.