Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wall Flower

I have always been a fan of what I refer to as "fake art". Basically any mass produced art such as anything that is sold at Urban Outfitters on a large canvas. I LOVE that stuff! When I moved into my dorm this year I wanted to decorate it (so it doesn't look like an asylum with the large white walls) so I went to look at all the Urban Outfitters home decor stuff and was naturally instantly in lover. However, given that I am on the college student budget I couldn't exactly convince myself to fork over the cash for what I liked. Particularly a set of 10 frames that were $50 and came in various sizes so you could put your own pictures in and have this little super hip art display. Loved it.

I knew I really shouldn't spend the money on it though and figured Hey I can do that without their frames! I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and picked up some cheap frames of various sizes (saving money!). I then went about tearing out all pages from my magazine collection. I hoard every magazine I have ever gotten. It's really kind of insane, but I just can't stand to let them go! I used to not be able to take pages out either I was so neurotic about keeping them perfect, at least now I have evolved to using them as a resource. I pulled out some ads and photo shoots I liked and framed them all and wa la! Fake art! I was very pleased with myself.

I kept up the same pictures all semester and now that I am back for a new semester figured it was time for a change so I just changed all the pictures out. They are just random images I liked and I tried to get a good mixture of black and white pictures as well as ones with pops of color. I posted the whole display above and then included close ups of all the pictures below. My camera isn't very good so they aren't very good quality pictures, but it will give you the general idea. There was a lot of issues of using the flash and it reflecting or not using the flash and it being very out of focus. Again, hope you get the gist of it.

All Pancakes and Pants

I am in quite the fabulous mood today. Despite being unemployed things are going okay. Had lots of fun last night watching X-Men Last Stand and 21 Jump Street (that is the old tv show from the 80's that Johnny Depp was in. There is never enough denim you can wear in that show)until the wee hours of the night. Actually it was like 11:30, but that's late enough! I'm old, I get tired. Oh, before that I went to the gym and I was so pleased because the boom box was not blasting in there. I hate it when I go to the gym and the gym staff is sitting there at the desk blasting the boom box or blasting it while they go around and be skeezy to you while you are trying to work out. I fail to see why you would hit on anyone when they are all sweaty and red faced. I mean could it really be hot to see me in sweat pants all red faced and sweaty with my hair in some crazy head band?! It was some reasonable person working the desk this time though and I got to listen to my iPod with out blasting it. Honestly why there even is a boom box I don't know. Everyone girl in there has an iPod! It's bad for your ears to have to crank it up and drown on out the stereo you know! Anyways, later got some ice cream during the movie and was hyper for ages as a result. Still all good fun. After the movie talked on the phone with that boy and that was quite nice as well especially since this morning I got a nice text about how nice it was to talk on the phone. Smiles all around.

Had breakfast with Brett and Miya this morning (I watched the Movie with them last night too). I am so glad Brett has come back around too! I missed hanging out with him. To sum that whole thing up he sort of stopped being a friend to me last semester because he started hanging out with this girl that used to be a very good friend of mine and they both with "New York crazy" as I would like to call it. They just became obsessed with being cool and going out and all that and I am truly not into all that fakeness. Going out is fine and hanging out with different people is too, but it's wrong to put other people down and be rude to them because you have suddenly had a drastic personality change that is not for the better. Anyways, Brett has come back around to sanity and it's good to have him back because I missed him and his clever little remakes. Who else is going to tell me to put some pants on? Brett claims I never wear pants in other news, but truly I do. It is true however most likely I am wearing something else instead. I don't know why I went into all that.

Had pancakes for breakfast and they were yum yum. Came back and cleaned the whole dorm room. My room mate doesn't clean and she was still at school a week after I left for break which resulted in it being absolutely filthy when I came back. I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, dishes, floors, dusted and took out the recycling and trash though and now it's all sparkly. Yay! Makes me feel like I can breathe again. Went to the gym yet again and I am over all quite pleased. I have mass amounts of homework to do, but I'll get to that in a little bit. I am contemplating dropping a class possibly from my schedule. 21 credits and 8 classes is a lot! Especially since 4 are upper division for me. I might be in over my head this time around because I feel a little overwhelmed already. I'm going to give it a little time though and see because I still have time to decides. Quitting things makes me uncomfortable though so I might not drop any. Just a thought. I would like to add I wouldn't be behind by dropping a class I would still be ahead so I am not being irresponsible if I do drop one. I added that for me more than anything.Hahaha.

Going to Anthony's house warming party tonight. Should be fun haven't seem him in a long time and it's weird not having him just two floors below me anymore. I actually have to make an effort and commute to see him now. Hahaha. I look forward to hanging out with him though. Must try to get more work done though. Maximum productivity continues.

Tomorrow Charlie, Brett, Miya and I are having a Superbowl themed party. We are the least likely people to watch the super bowl since it took a long time to figure out it was even on and who was even playing. Still we are all cooking something and will probably watch it for about 20 minutes before we get bored with it. The spirit is there all the same! Go Football! That's what the Superbowl is right? Football? Ha, just kidding I know that much.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some New Things

I have recently been introduced to Kombucha which is a herbal tea made from Mushrooms and it's amazing! I know it sounds strange, but it's extremely good for you and tastes good. It's kind of an acquired taste, but I suggest everyone try it. I've had the original flavor and the ginger flavor so far and have liked both a great deal.

Also would like to note that I got some free loot at my internship today. My boss gave me two pairs of shoes and two scarves. One of the shoes was Charlotte Ronson, yipee! Working for free has it's perks for sure.


I was watched the Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG) last Sunday because I love award shows and all the dresses ect. I was reading online though that the dress Angelina Jolie wore was worn backwards! Which by the way was intentional so that she could show off her back tattoos better. I just loved that for some reason. The dress was by Max Azria and below is the intended style of wearing the dress and how Angelina wore it.

I wasn't the one to discover this or anything, I just thought it was interesting and I for one thought it looked pretty good backwards.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ready, Set, Go.

I knew that I would regret taking 10 hours of classes on Tuesday, but after I finished class today I was not only very hungry but also felt like my brain was completely fried. Started out with speech class. I am taking public speaking mainly because it is required, but I was dreading it because as much as I talk, I actually hate public speaking. The class wasn't so bad though my professor is quite funny and looks as well as sounds just like Will Farrell. He admitted this because it's truly startling how closely he resembles him.

Had a little break and then went to Japanese class. I am taking beginners Japanese even though I have taken it before. I didn't want to take an upper level class because I am terrified of speaking in Japanese and I couldn't force myself to take a more advanced class. However, today we learned how to write about 10 Hiragana some useful greetings and phrases. Hiragana is one of the Japanese alphabets used (it's the most basic out of the 3. Katakana and Kanji are the other two) for those that don't know. I know my Hiragana, so it was a very slow and boring 4 hours and the professor is on to me I am sure of it. I said I had taken Japanese before, but I said I had only taken a year. Yes, I lied I have taken 4 years. Clearly she suspects I am more advance because she kept having me do absurd things like "Count to 10!" We hadn't even learned the numbers yet. I knew them, except I forgot 8 because I got all nervous. See, this is why I am taking Japanese level 1! I get overly stressed when I have to speak it! By the way 8 is Hachi.

Quantitative Methods followed and the professor made it clear we were staying for the full 4 hours. And we did. Math is not exactly my strong point, but I was so tired already my brain was struggling to keep up. 10 hours of class every day is exhausting.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Oatmeal is the Lonely Person Food

I got up at 6 am and it was pitch black outside. I couldn't see anything as I stumbled around to get to the shower. Now I am just so thrilled about getting up at 6 am in pure blackness every Monday! Yay for 8 am classes! I will probably regret the selection of this class for the rest of the semester. In fact I already do.

Since it's the first day and all I am hoping we just get out early so I can come back and do some napping. This may be early to everyone else too, but let's just keep in mind I just came from the west coast and it feels like 3 am not 6 am when I was forced to get up. Still feel sick, but took Vitamin C and am drinking some cold remedy type tea to go along with it. My immune system better kick into gear because I don't have time for this "I'm sick" thing.

Eating some oatmeal and listening to "My Man" by Barbara Streisand from the movie Funny Girl on my iPod. Babs is amazing, she should have won in Oscar for that movie. Oh wait, she did! I eat oatmeal or granola basically every morning. I love the stuff and need the basic element of it because my stomach is weak at eating things in the morning. I swear oatmeal is like the officially lonely person food. "Comfort" food they say, nice way of calling it lonely person food. I have a desire to watch The Way We Were now. More Babs. More Depressing Babs films. She is just amazing. How I became a Barbara Sterisand fan I don't even know, just am.

Start my new internship at noon today. Excited to see how that goes and actually get started. Still hoping a nap opportunity comes along before I have to go, otherwise I'll go straight from class and won't get done until 5 o'clock. Which is what it will be like normally, so mind as well start adjusting.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crepes and Advil

First day of school tomorrow. I know I've been on break forever and all, but I am not sure I am physically prepared to start school. I have suddenly become ill which I think is largely due to flight I took to New York. Airplanes are basically just like a jar of disease. Not to mention my clock is off due to the 3 hour time difference I am supposed to miraculously adjust to by tomorrow.

For my final day of freedom went to Charlie's with Miya and Alex for crepes for breakfast! Charlie made crepes and I "assisted" (spilled flour all over the stove and stirred the batter). Crepes were amazing though and we hung out just chatting it up until about 2 pm.

Went back to the dorms and was rather exhausted. This sickness thing has really gotten to me. Spent remainder of the day applying for jobs online. Fantastic fun, not. Have to do what I have to do though. Hopefully I'll start hearing back this week at some point. I applied everywhere so I should hear something! Also some people have ridiculous applications. Like 5 page surveys on whether or not you agree or strongly disagree with slapping co-workers that make you mad. I mean really?

Do you get angry easily = Strongly Agree
Do you get violent towards people when they upset you or disagree with you = Strongly Agree

You are going to hire me now right? If you have to answer those questions and think about it just stop filling out the application and save yourself the time. They aren't going to hire you.

Tried to go to bed but felt very warm (possible fever? So annoying!) and was just over all uncomfortable so I had to run out and by some Advil across the street. Best part was as I was heading back I hear three girls behind me whispering and one of them says, "She is like wearing genie pants.." Uh no bitches I am wearing sweat pants tucked into my boots with my coat and hat on because it's freezing out! It also happens to be 11 o'clock at night and I hadn't intended on going out again until I started to be physically very ill! Thank you though for helping further support what lovely people go to my school.

Back to Reality

It's been almost a month pretty much since I last posted. I kind of took a hiatus from the digital world while I was away on break from school in Seattle. Now I am back in New York City and back to reality though I enjoyed the break from the world while I had it.

Starting things off by saying I am not quite sure where I am going from here, but I'm confident I might find some direction. Things are kind of tough right now as I got laid off from my job and must now pursue finding a new one. Must work to feed myself, harsh reality right there. It isn't the best time to try and find a job due to the current economical climate, but I'll do my best. I am feeling optimistic about the whole thing mainly because I really do need to find a job. Let the search begin.

It was great to see all my friends at school in New York coming in (even though I hadn't slept in pretty much 48 hours and looked quite disastrous). It's funny settling back in to the routine of school again and the city, but at least I have the wonderful opportunity of going to school in a place like New York City. Not a lot of people get to do things like that, so I am aware I'm a lucky one.

With all the positives of being in New York and back in the big city, I know it's going to take some time for me to adjust after the break. I was living in a bit of a la la land and I wasn't sure I wanted to wake up from it. I feel over all people think I am being foolish and wasting my emotions, but that's not for anyone to decide but me. For now I just love an orange T-shirt and 1 am on Saturday and there's no changing my mind on that.

Re-arranged the furniture in my room which was a goal of mine for the semester. Not bad for only being here one day. Given it was a very small goal.

As for anything to come....I guess I am just going to see how it goes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Post. A Different Year.

It's 2009 now. It's pretty much been a year since I actually posted on this blog, but that's not completely my fault. I have been rather social lately, but if you had no internet (basically the worst internet connection known to man kind is more like it because yes I do in fact have some connection or how else would I be writing this now?) you would escape your house too. I could be reading, but I haven't been and that's that. I think it's because I just read two really good books and my current read is not at the same level and I'm kind of not encouraged to read it yet. It's a comedy that's like Watership Down how in it's a story from the point of view of animals, except in this case it's sheep and not bunnies. I like sheep a lot though, so seemed more appealing. I don't generally enjoy comedies though for some reason. I like reading depressing books as I said and this is light hearted and "fun" and for some reason I lack interest for that reason.

I could make some profound statements about the new years or changes I want to make or reflections I have, but I feel like it's a few days passed now and I kind of missed the dead line on all that at this point. Not that I had anything particularly profound to say in the first place. After not writing for so long I end up having had too much going on to have enough time to catch up and write about all of it. Then I get very stressed about not updating and have avoidance issues so I just won't update because I feel I am too far behind already.

I started this blog for my own entertainment, but sometimes I am not even sure what direction I should take it in or what the purpose of it even is. Am I entertained or just stressed out by it? I am stressed out by everything though. Letting my neurotic-ness get in the way isn't helpful to the process. Not that it really matters, I think I am the only one that even reads it and I am writing the pointless postings as it is. I think the main issue I have is that I enjoy writing about my thoughts and comments on different unimportant things, but at the same time I am very private about my personal life and every time I have something that might actually be meaningful or revealing in any way I decide I can't actually post it and what good is that. There are lot of things I would like to share and ask out openly to the virtual world, but in the end the critique I might get back from my friends and family that actually read the blog (2 friends and like my mother, thanks guys! I love that you read this garbage.) I am not sure I feel like hearing. I would just ask them directly in person and if I don't have the courage to do that what's the point in writing it and posting it online? I prefer to keep my life private. My business is my business. I want to share I guess I'll just have to wait.

On another vague note I have been very happy lately and I think keeping it to myself makes me feel like it won't go away. Plus I feel slightly guilty about feeling happy about things right now. It's limited and has an expiration date on it for sure, so for now I am just going to enjoy it while I have it. I'll have months to wallow or whatever I feel like doing later. For now I'm happy.

Planning on going to spend time with my mother for the next 3 days. I haven't seen where she has moved too and I've only seen her about 25 hours in the past year, so I am pretty excited to see her. I am going to see her new house and all so that should be fun. However, it started snowing again today...Seattle the city that never snows is suddenly has Alaskan winters. Yes, I am aware Alaskan winters are more severe, but the snow is no longer "cute" at this point it's just inconvenient. If it interferes with me getting to go see my mother I'll be even more annoyed.

I'm finished posting for now. My next message may be sporadic yet again, but I'll try to keep up.

Current Listenings: "I'm A Lady" by Santogold. Great song, give it a listen. I find it particularly hilarious because a friend of mine is always saying I should act more like a lady. This one's for you.

Side note: The type writer image is purely for educational value. I couldn't think of a picture relevant to my post, so I thought I would just give you something that might actually enrich you rather than just my rantings.