Thursday, July 7, 2011

Can't Have Enough

The hunt for the perfect denim/chambray shirt has been going on for a few years for me now. I have purchased a few. One is a longer tunic style button up chambray shirt and the other a button up denim with a more fitted and shorter cut. I love them both and they are wardrobe staples for sure. This hasn't satisfied my want for another one though. As you will come to find I like to buy similar things over and over again. If you like something though, why not get a few versions of it! Hey, I know what I like.

Recently I have made a few trips to the Madewell store and found several of the employees wearing this shirt:

Its called the "Perfect Chambray Shirt" and I have to agree with the title. I love the boyfriend fit and the light wash. Given, yes of course the sales girls were wearing it. I have worked retail and you usually have a discount that you use often because you are surrounded by the clothing all day and you just end up buying things to wear to work. Or there is a dress code that requires you to wear the store's products only. However, if you work at clothing store you usually know which products are the best since you are around them all the time and have probably tried them all on.  I was also at the Guggenheim Museum the other day and saw 2 girls wearing it there too!

This shirt is on my must have list for sure. If you need to have it for yourself right now check it out here:


Airisia said...

Hmmmmmmm..... maybe we should make a trip to Madewell together next weekend.

Riley said...

Yes!! I want this shirt so much. I know I have ones like it but this one is amazing