Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tear Me Up

You either love distressed clothing of you don't. I happen to be a fan. When it is done right anyways. I know some people argue why would you buy clothing with holes in it when you could do that yourself. You can't do it yourself. Sorry, it will never look right. It will just look cheap and it really will look like you found your clothes in a trash can. It is all about the proper placement and the process to get the perfect "I've worn this every day of my life" look. A look that was particularly popular in the 90's (a fashion era favorite for me).

This "Ripped Knit" Crewneck Sweater  by Wyatt has caught my eye. Perfectly distressed! Its over 100 degrees in New York and I am still thinking about knitwear! Something tells me I am going to be buying quite a few sweaters this fall....

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