Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Reasons to Love Opening Ceremony (+ Kiki)

Seems I have been patrolling around looking at other blogs quite a bit lately because here is another post about a blog I am into lately. Honestly, my interest in this blog started from my overall love of Opening Ceremony. Its a great store that sells many of the most coveted items by young designers. It is one of those places where I want to buy everything in the store. I would too, if I could afford it. For now I just love from afar.

Obsessing over the store led me to following them on Twitter and checking out their blog daily and its very delightful. Could their employees be any cuter?! I love every time they post a biography on a new staff member (I always want their wardrobe and who doesn't want to know what an employees spirit animal is? Cause I do!).

Turns out Kirsten Dunst loves them too! Cue me loving them even more if that is all possible. If you have ever read this blog you pretty much know that Kirsten Dunst is my style icon. I adore her. She's fantastic. Love her movies, love her clothes...I'll stop. Opening Ceremony did a little tribute to her for her birthday (I'm behind it was April 29th). It is one of the greatest things I have ever seen! Pictures of Kiki (Kirsten Dunst, I refer to her as Kiki most of the time) from her life and films with shopping suggestions for each Kiki look! I could make my whole blog about styles and pieces inspired by Kiki's looks! Oh wait, I kind of already do that....

Check out the blog entry here: Opening Ceremony Blog
If it's not the most genius thing you have ever seen, I can't relate.

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