Saturday, July 23, 2011

Share the Love

Recently I discovered the amazing blog The Man Repeller. If you haven't read it before you have to check it out. I am late to the game on this one, since it is a pretty popular blog. The Man Repeller is written by Leandra Medine and she is truly hilarious. The blog takes a look at how many fashion forward looks are not considered "man friendly" and how women who dress stylish are most often not dressing to attract a guy. Leandra is very witty, so please check out her blog to read about her take on all the trends that women often love and guys simply don't understand.

Pictures if from one of her posts, which I choose to display because she is wearing The Perfect Chambray Shirt from Madewell that I have mentioned I am obsessed with in previous posts. This picture makes me want a red turban like the one she is sporting.... Man repelling and pretty ugly things seem to be one in the same haha.

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