Monday, July 25, 2011

Throw It On

 There is something so nostalgic about a pullover sweatshirt. I don't know what it is exactly. Maybe it's just that I remember owning several as a child from every vacation spot visited or animal I was currently obsessed with at any given age (I owned more than a few sweat shirts with pugs on them). Knowing my love of basics, I think a pullover sweatshirt is a great addition to a wardrobe for that rumbled/hot mess look that I love. If you are going to wear a pull over sweat shirt, why not get one like this fantastic Rodarte one:

Just love that it comes in heather grey. One of my favorite color options. I love the classics: black and white, but my other staple option would be heather grey. I think many would consider their alternative to black or white to be brown, but I never really buy brown. There is always another color option I would rather have. I like other people in brown, but I can never sell it to myself. If I am not buying it in black or white I will buy it in heather grey.

Kiki has one! Do I even need to add this makes me want it even more?

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