Thursday, July 7, 2011

Work Out?

Who doesn't like wearing their favorite pair of sweatpants? No matter how much you love clothes, you know you have a pair of sweatpants that you lounge around on the sofa in (mine are dark heather grey, of course). You love these pants, but they aren't something you want anyone to see you in or something that you would go outside in. Given the comfort factor we would love to wear them around more, but given they are not the most flattering or stylish pieces of clothing most of us keep them as after 10 pm watching TV by yourself attire only.

I like the idea of the "I just threw this on" look that sweat pants can pull off. Casual/sloppy attire that sometimes just works. If they are the right fit ( if they are in a shade of heather grey they are even more appealing). Cue Alexander Wang's Spring RTW collection that was the perfect take on "American Sportswear". An athletic inspired collection that was raw, edgy, but had just the right elements of fun. Given this collection came out quite a while ago, this isn't exactly new news. Why am I bringing it up now? I have been obsessing over the idea of his sweatpants inspired trouser looks ever since I saw the collection. I love an athletic look that was never meant to be work out attire.

 Alexander Wang - Spring RTW 2010

T by Alexander Wang French Rib Sweatpant

I have been hunting for an affordable version of this look for quite some time. Though the T style (above) is great, it was still out of my price range (yeah, I'm sad about that). It couldn't just be any skinny sweatpant. I wanted something that was trying for the Wang inspired athletic look, but was by no means meant for a work out. I happily stumbled upon these:

J Crew Ultra-Knit Un-Sweatpant

 You can't see it that well in the picture but there is even a little side zipper detail by the ankles! Plus they come in grey. Needless to say I purchased these (and for a steal) and am looking forward to rocking them. Unnecessary non-legging leggings, you say? Probably, but I'm obsessed.

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Anonymous said...

hello!!!! i have been searching and searching for these.. you wouldn't happen to want to part with your pair!? LOL.. ok ok.. i sound like a stalker.. but, i love them ;) ;)